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When I seen this editorial posted on Fashion Gone Rogue (one of my favorite sites!) I immediately had post this on here! I would definitely would call this an everyday look considering fall is right around the corner and that for me this is an all year round look!

Want to try this look with out breaking the bank? Try some of these fabulous alternatives!
Eyes;Maybelline Color Tattoo 24 Hour Cream Shadow in Pomegranate Punk $6.99 , Brows;Sleek Brow Kit $10.99, Lips;Sleek True Color Lipstick in Cherry $6.49


ADR preview for her collaboration with H&M. She looks amazing I cant get over it watching this I was in awe for many different reasons...

Visit Rookie Mag here. Tavi was on Jimmy Fallon last night and she was amazing! I'm so proud of her success I remember when she was first starting out her blog and she was rapping about Rei Kawakubo for the collaboration for Comme des Garçons and H&M. She's so grown up now and such an inspiration for me that you can do anything you want to do in life, all you have to do is make it happen! I wish her nothing but the best and great sucess with her online magazine! I'm working on my bitch-face now! hahaha

I thought I should just throw this one in! the Velvet Goldmine (film). Sorry for the shitty quality if you have Netflix you can watch it on instant!


Check out more of his work here!


The apple of my eye, the most amazing director, screenwriter, producer, cinematographer Quentin Tarantino. His eye for details and the way he writes... it really amazes me and for me to say this is nothing because his cult films prove and live up to everything that he creates...I have not seen yet a bad film that he's put out yet! Or maybe thats because I'm such a die hard fan that nothing could be bad, but I highly doubt it. He serves as one of the many inspirations and heroes when it comes to my writing style/lingering work(short fashion films).

Gilda is a 1946 American black-and-white film noir directed by Charles Vidor. It stars Glenn Ford and Rita Hayworth in her signature role as the ultimate femme fatale. The film was noted for cinematographer Rudolph Mate's lush photography, costume designer Jean Louis' wardrobe for Hayworth Not only is Rita Hayworth beautiful but when I first seen this movie maybe two years ago I never knew that it would ser…


These are some of my favorite foundations right now that are best suitable for my skin. Like any beauty obsessed or any adventurous human being I'm on the constant search for the 'perfect' foundation and when I look for a foundation I look for a product that doesnt make my skin feel like I have a mask on. I like medium coverage while still being able to see my skin underneath but also cover up minor imperfections. What are some of your favorite foundations?

(photos:Sephora,MAC Cosmetics)


Raquels hair...LOVE!
I really love Jerry Lewis!


I've been in la la lately and its kind of driving me insane I've been writing alot lately (fashion films) and I have to remind myself that I need to live in reality and bring myself back to some normalcy because I'll get so wrapped up in an idea that I don't do anything else and that can be bittersweet. Any inspiration that I get I have to write it down because if not I'll beat myself up about it later on down the road. I've been loving Stella McCartney as of late its really weird because a couple of years ago I used to love watching fashion shows and would be more then amped up for fashion week but for the last couple of years I don't really care about fashion week in a sense of wanting to see every show and flipping through every look...I used to be so obsessed but now a days I just look online at editorials or if I see a show on someone elses site or blog then I'll check out a collection. I havent really viewed any of Stellas shows ever since that be…


With Fall right around the corner I cant get with the notion that the 'usual' thing to do is reach for darker lip/nail/and makeup colors I tend to want to do the opposite and its not the "oh fuck fashion and style rules I want to be different!" its that I seem to fall in love with bright colors when the fall season comes around and when its spring and summer I like to wear darker colors! I've always been like that. Don't get the visual of me wearing bright blue and green eye shadow because thats not what I'm talking about lol I just tend to wear bright nail colors or subtle bright eyeliner. Here are some of beauty-wants for fall (this isnt even half of it!)

'It's Getting Late' Directed by Massy Tadjedin

Miu Miu Women's Tales
It's Getting Late, directed by Massy Tadjedin
In the translucent LA dusk we discover four women living very different lives. The camera follows each as they wind down their working days, their four stories weaving together as each prepares for their evening. Shot by Iranian-American screenwriter and director, Massy Tadjedin, with a stellar international cast, Aubrey Plaza, Gemma Arterton, Patricia Clarkson and Rinko Kikuchi, culminating in a gripping cameo performance by rising songstress, Zola Jesus. "We make our faces, our suits, our selves just a little more ready for wherever it is we're going. Fashion is never just the clothes. It's our mood, our excitement for something, our expectations, our attitudes, our outlooks. Managing those is often what getting ready is all about and that's what our short tries to capture." Massy Tadjedin The four women quietly take part in their private acts of preparation,…