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FILM | Versace 2011 collection for H&M

Versace 2011 collection for H&M from Champagne Valentine on Vimeo. After seeing this mini film I just might have to get something from the collection...

"I want you to notice when I'm not around"



My view/ idea on my Dr. Jekyll Mr. Hyde way of coming up with things or ideas...either I'm going to go all the way with a look or I'm going to go minimal with it...theres ever a rare moment where there is an inbetween whether it be an outfit look or a makeup look or even any project in general I go all out or I don't do it at all (if that makes any sense) I don't really like half ass doing anything or watering something down to soothe someone else's eye...but when I'm inlove with a look I want it to be full on. For example since I've been living under a rock when it comes to fashion collections I was searching through Jean Paul Gaultiers collections and I ran across Fall 2011 collection and the hair and makeup was STUNNING! What really caught my attention was these gray/blue/purple colored hued bouffants were just so stunning! They didnt look old to me at all instantly reminded me of the sixties, Audrey Hepburn, the hair Barbra Streisand wore when she was i…


"...and I am done with my graceless heart so tonight I'm gonna cut it out and then restart..." that hair, that style, Florence Welch my love you are stunning in your own ranking!


(photos: theselby & the coveteur)


We all that time in our life where we go through an awkward phase, teen angst phase, "no-one understands me" phase, and the most popular in my case not being happy with you are and just accepting who you are and loving yourself! and until this day I can admit to myself that I'm happy in the skin I'm in and I'm so shocked for once in my life that I'm not constantly thinking about losing weight or being skinny enough to do something that involves me loving myself or try to be more outgoing....and still some days I catch myself and think is this real? I'm loving the way I look I'm finally content on how I feel about myself but Its real and maybe its just me growing up/ or maturing but you know If you have problems about your body/weight you just have to love who you are and its better said that done but you have to come to a realization that if you stress about being skinny you'll just gain more weight and be even more depressed that what you are. Be…


Over the last couple of weeks...does it seem that I start all my posts off with "so over the last couple of blah blah"...please forgive me but when I blog now adays it seems like I blog less and less so sorry if I shove all my ideas/thoughts/finds in your brain try to look at it as a creative vent! lol but anyways It's OCTOBER! My favorite month out of the year! and not because its my birthday or anything but I feel like October is my lucky month...the weather is beautiful the leaves are just turning color it gets a little chilly and love is in the air and plus not to mention one of the biggest attractions in Texas in October is the State Fair! Call it a southern thing but I get overly excited for the state fair and this year I make it my mission to go again! Ok back on the subject I've been obsessing over new music new shapes new ideas and heres the rundown!

I'm inlove with these Givenchy blazer vests Ricardo shown at his most recent show the enlongated lapels…