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(photo:NME Magazine)
When I found out the morning of Amy's passing I thought it was some sick joke someone started on twitter as I recalled some years ago when Amy was first going through her drug addiction that there was a whole website dedicated with a countdown for Amy's death...So I questioned every single person who allegedly knew that it was in fact true my hands began to shake and I couldnt sit still this woman was more than an musician to me she was one of my heros and drugs aside, rumors aside, facts aside she was a beautiful human being and I was a true fan. I love her so much. I even remember the first time I heard her song 'Rehab' I was on Myspace and I remember listening to it and thinking is this Lauryn Hill? Because her voice was so differnt I thought to myself this girl has to be black because her voice was so soulful so when I seen that she was a British jewish girl from North London I was quite surprised I fell inlove with her instantly...I remember w…


Its finally here!!! Its not how I visioned it to come out to look but it was either now or never!! and I'm happy that its now! I was so excited when filming the video for the introduction so sorry if I come off as nervous and I sound like I start to ramble! its finally here!!! Enjoy the blog! and there is alot more to come! Keep reading