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[Photos: Illamasqua]
Illamasqua is one of those beauty brands that is innovative not only in their collections but with also being a high quality brand while also catering to the every day woman like myself. I just really love this brand you guys words can not explain how proud I am of this brand! Okay enough of the emotional stuff! Today Illamasqua came out with another stunning collection (Which I havn't had the luxury to play around with yet but I know its amazing) featuring speckled pastel nail polishes, three blush duos, a neon pink lipstick!, a grassy green intense lipgloss and a contour blush brush.
[Story behind the collection]
The world isn't perfect. But who wants to be perfect anyway? I'mperfection is an open invitation to stand up and show the world what makes you perfectly, imperfect. We want you to highlight the features other brands encourage you to cover up and celebrate your imperfections like badges of honour. So show off your freckles. Make beauty sp…


(photos: Equipment Fr)

Today was one of the rare occasions where I actually bought a magazine. I always told myself if I ever purchased a magazine again it would have to be Elle! Elle is one of those magazines that is always great to me journalistic, editorial,typography, and ad wise they just know how to put together a great magazine that I actually like. If you know me I used to have a huge magazine collection (Elle US, Elle UK, Paris Vogue, Vogue, Interview, etc...) dating back to 2005 until maybe about 2 years ago I took out the time to make inspiration notebooks out of all of them and now I have about 4 to 5 ring binders full of page protected magazine page inspiration! So when I had some extra time in whole foods I was flipping through the pages before work and seen this amazing ad (pictured above) with Jamie & Alison from The Kills and my eyes were automatically drawn to Alison in this emerald green floral button down with her electric dip dyed hair and I instantly fell in…




You guys!!!! I'm over excited about this! Words can not explain how happy I am with Drew Barrymore launching her own makeup line called 'Flower' and no its not some lame ass two eyeshadows three lipsticks and one powder compact its a full-on-makeup-line! theres probably over 50 items(don't hold me to that!) in this line! See my previous post January Beauty Wish List and see some of the things I want (its not even half of it! I would buy the whole line if I could) I have such a deep rooted love for her she's one of the many people who've helped me love being who I am and helped me raise my freak flag high, she will always fuel my inspiration and I will continue to support what ever she does in her career! Plus have you tasted Drews' wine?? you can buy it in Target

 Read some of Drews' interview here by clicking [read more] or on


When I fall in love with a beauty product I'm pretty much set on that one or few products for life. So its rare that I ever want to venture out and try new things but its always healthy to try new things and if they work then great but if they don't move on to the next! Here are some beauty products that I want to try out this month! Enjoy! P.S If you've tried any of these products yet leave a comment and tell me they worked out for you?!


(photos: Red Carpet Fashion,Glamour)
Its so hard to find Black women as style icons that are actually consistent and relievent in their work that I actually admire and thats really sad to say because there aren't a lot (in my opinion) out there or maybe I'm not looking hard enough but no one has caught my eye yet besides Kerry. Whether she styles herself or has a stylist she always finds a way to make it her own and it doesn't looked forced. If you've been following Kerry' stylish looks through out her Press junket for 'Django Unchained and also through out 2012 up to now she's been wearing a lot of asian influenced looks and I love it! here are some of her looks that admire



I rarely go to the movies (which is kind of Absurd for someone who loves film) but any chance to go see a Quentin Tarantino movie I'm all in! My thoughts on the film are and if you had to ask me one thing about 'Django is that I thought it was hilarious! I honestly don't see what the big problem is with the film but we all have our issues with films that are dealt with American history or history in general people are going to have a problem with it positive or negative. But back to the film I wouldn't say it was Quentin's best film (pulp fiction is the best film in my opinion).

Can we talk? The whole time while I was watching the movie I was wondering what is Quentin's niche? To me it would be his film cuts like for example just to use another amazing director, Wes Anderson he uses alot of symmetry in his films and specific color palettes/filters in his film. But Quentin I can't put my finger on anything else beside his cuts in his fi…


(photos: The coveteur)

Is it just me or does everyone see the trend going around the web with celebs/style bloggers wearing these bell bottom pants in these prints (or am I late to the party?) I love these ones that Kelly are wearing! Amazing! read her article here

Vogue China February 2013 'Mod Revolution' by Daniel Jackson

(photos: thefashionspot)

Mod Revolution Photographer: Daniel Jackson Models: Kel Markey, Agnés Nabuurs, Athena Wilson, Bo Don & Chiharu Okunugi Styling: Nicoletta Santoro Hair: Yannick D'Is Make-Up: Yadim Nails: Rica Romain

Thanks to Marc Jacobs I can already see that alot of magazines are using these pieces from Marcs Louis Vuitton collection for Spring 2013 and I'll never get tired of seeing them! I'm such a 60s girl at heart.


I Love finding new artists to listen to. I happen to hear Ms. Gin Wigmore on a TV commercial (isnt that weird how music is promoted through TV commercials now a days?! I've found some amazing artists this way...I guess it's great marketing idea) I instantly love her retro-raspy voice. I had no idea what she looked like but I fell in love with her! Her voice is comparable to Duffy, Wanda Jackson, and Paloma Faith only to name a few. But she's unique enough to stand out from the crowd and I just confirmed if I ever persued a singing career I would want to sound like her (especially her song 'Hey Ho')ha! Check out her EP 'Man Like That'here

Leave a comment I'd love to know who you guys are listening to? Have you heard of Gin before? Do you like her music?

Graceful Changes

(photos: nubbytwiglet,loveaesthetic,BOTU tumblr)

At the beginning of a new year or season what I like to do is start off with changing my living space... whenever I feel stressed I either do a little spring cleaning or I change my feng shui around. Heres some inspiration for the new year!

P.S is it just me or am I the only person that thinks that Graphic Designers have the best interior design/living spaces? (this is why I love visiting Shauna from Nubby Twiglet and Ivania from Love-Aesthetics (Ivania isnt a graphic designer)