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If there was a visual/video for what I've been inspired by recently I think Jack Whites 'Love Inturption' music video would sum that up nicely! I think/know that Jack and I are kindred spirits...or creative soul mates he just doesn't know it yet! (yeah that doesn't sound crazy right? ha!) I LOVE JACK WHITE!


Theres always a little glimmer of light in my darkness
A force pushing me back from off that ledge
A mental break that keeps me sane
A realization that life's worth living when I think there's nothing else I can do
There's always a being that silents my song

I've been feeling like a wet blanket for the last month, unmotivated and of recent my best friend moved to New York spontaneously...Sometimes I wish I could be more like him...every day I pray that I could have half the courage that he has...even though he is a fool to room with people he's barely met...I love him for it...I could never cross half the country with out some safety net! (*thanks mom) My dreams have become saturated with time that I feel like I'm wasting even though I'm in my early 20s I feel like I've wasted a life time...and when I'm older I'll probably remember these moments and laugh but young people are dropping dead everyday due to dumb shit this world cant…