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I'm not going to act like I know who Diana Vreeland previous this post but I knew I'd recognize some of (if not all) of her iconic work I stumbled apoun this trailer on a popular fashion blog that I frequent and decided to check it out. Not only was I stunned about how vibrant and how visual her work was she quickly became one of my icons! I looked up more of her work for Harpers Bazaar and reading a brief about her biography and I was just so amazed
The Eye Must Travel—a biopic built around the stellar career of Vreeland, one of the most legendary American fashion editors who ever lived." - fashion bistro check out her site and more information here


Its only probably once in a blue moon that I come on my blog and post about my personal life or even go into depth about obstacles that I face because when I post things on this blog I want this to be a place where you can come and be inspired and not be bothered with having to read about my pains or what have you but hopefully this will be inspiring to you! For the past couple of years I've been trying to find myself and like any 22 year old these are the years to find out who you are and what you're about and some days,weeks,months I have my day where I'm feeling great about myself but then again like any one else I have bad days but now at this point of time I feel content with where I am and even more excited about where I'm going because I'm finally getting on the ball about what and who I want to become in life and what its even called/ classified! I officially want to be a creative director! For at least a year in a half I tried to classify what is it even…


Another one of my faves! Watch the trailer here (when isnt a movie that I post on here isn't my 'fave'? lol) Funny Games written and directed by Michael Haneke released in 2008. (Haneke also produced his first version of this film in Austria in 1997) is about
Two psychopathic young men take a family hostage in their cabin. I'm on the fence about this film as an viewer and an avid film watcher this movie missed some key elements that I'd usually enjoy watching in a thriller film and all respects to the writer/director that produced this film and maybe he wanted it that way. In a sense that 'a film will not always play out where the victim wins' or the storyline will not always be the same in every single movie you watch and whether you've seen this film or not you probably could agree with me that you'd want to see a better ending! But hey that's the reason why some if not most directors and writers have alternate endings in films now just to …


MINI HAUL/BEAUTY BUYS! Lately I've been trying to venture out of just buying MAC Cosmetics and taking a risk of trial and error on other beauty brands out there. I promised myself that I wouldn't buy another MAC product for a while and looks like I just cant help myself! But I didn't let myself down completely. I always wanted to get a couple of products from FACE Stockholm because of their huge color range of eye products and lipsticks so I decided to go out on a whim and buy some! (*and any advice to anyone out there wanting to venture out to other beauty brands do-your-research!, go on youtube type in some of their products, see reviews! go on google search for everything!) But with this brand I got limited feed back. You know how some brands for instance Inglot (of whom I LOVE!) their star products are their eyeshadows and freedom system but with this brand unfortunately I purchased a few of their lipsticks and was kind of a let down... and not to say that they wer…


Here are some of Jack Whites picks for Lollapalooza on

Great visuals as well as great songs! Enjoy!