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I've been watching alot of films and studying alot of old hollywood stars and I'm truly fascinated by old hollywood glamour. How women used to get dressed up just to go to the grocery store or just to answer the door...and of course some women do that now adays but back then it seemed like it was a right of passage like you had to have your lipstick, your high heel shoes, and a dress on. It was very inspiring. Women looked like vixens, even warriors in a sense just by these material things thats what made us so special...I really miss that
I've been really inspired by alot of maxi dresses, silk scarfs, kimonos, a line dresses, floral prints, color, 1920s-1960s makeup (but isn't that always? lol), Biba makeup, Diane Von Furstenburg, Anna Sui, Rodarte S/2012, Audrey Hepburn in the 60s. I'm just inspired to be a woman in general! We are endless, we hold so much power, we can become anyone who we want to be and change our looks constantly!...sorry if I'm sounding…

Mean Reds

" know those days when you get the mean reds?  Paul:The mean reds? mean like the blues? 
Holly:No The blues are because you're getting fat and maybe its been raining too long, you're just sad thats all...the mean reds are horrible suddenly you're afraid and you don't know what you're afraid of"  -Breakfast at Tiffany's I'm still not over Amys death...I don't think I'll ever be...this video shows how witty she was full of love and enjoyment of making music with Tony Bennent and I can tell because she wasn't the type of person to fake emotion just for cameras she was really into sad shes gone she would've been amazing further into her career...
Lately I've been so emotional and not because of Amy's death...lets put that aside... just personally I've been sad and I don't know why...deep down I feel like I shouldn't be sad because I feel so blessed for everything I have...hmph..who k…

Lessons I've learned in the last month

1. Love who you are...if your over-weight love who you are and if so throughout your life you lose a couple pounds then thats fine too but just be fine with who you are!!
2. Find your style/look and commit to matter how weird it is!

EDITORIAL | Vogue Japan October 2011 The Spectacle of Nobility

(photo: Fashion Copious) The Spectacle of Nobility Vogue Japan October 2011 Shot by: Katja Rahlwes Model: Julia Stegner The styliing and the photography in this editorial is so captivating and I have no clue why?! Maybe its the color palette and the models hair! I just love it P.S I'm still on the fence of how I'm presenting this blog! I haven't posted anything really personal on it yet due to the fact that my job has become my life and its not that 'glamourous' sorry about that!


I cant wait for the new album 'Portamento' to come out!!!! September 6th (US) & September 6th (UK)