Another one of my faves! Watch the trailer here (when isnt a movie that I post on here isn't my 'fave'? lol) Funny Games written and directed by Michael Haneke released in 2008. (Haneke also produced his first version of this film in Austria in 1997) is about
Two psychopathic young men take a family hostage in their cabin.
I'm on the fence about this film as an viewer and an avid film watcher this movie missed some key elements that I'd usually enjoy watching in a thriller film and all respects to the writer/director that produced this film and maybe he wanted it that way. In a sense that 'a film will not always play out where the victim wins' or the storyline will not always be the same in every single movie you watch and whether you've seen this film or not you probably could agree with me that you'd want to see a better ending! But hey that's the reason why some if not most directors and writers have alternate endings in films now just to satisfy the audience and or the director. I loved Michael Pitt in this film I've always had a 'teenage' crush on him (and Elijah Wood) Michael to me is like the poor mans Alexanders Skarsgard they've definitely got some 6 degrees of separation going on! (all screen captures by me)

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