Theres always a little glimmer of light in my darkness
A force pushing me back from off that ledge
A mental break that keeps me sane
A realization that life's worth living when I think there's nothing else I can do
There's always a being that silents my song

I've been feeling like a wet blanket for the last month, unmotivated and unhappy...as of recent my best friend moved to New York spontaneously...Sometimes I wish I could be more like him...every day I pray that I could have half the courage that he has...even though he is a fool to room with people he's barely met...I love him for it...I could never cross half the country with out some safety net! (*thanks mom) My dreams have become saturated with time that I feel like I'm wasting even though I'm in my early 20s I feel like I've wasted a life time...and when I'm older I'll probably remember these moments and laugh but young people are dropping dead everyday due to dumb shit this world cant cope with...I just don't want to be one of those 'young people'...but anyways guys! Easter just passed and like I said before I was going through a rut feeling depressed about everything and everyone...my life in 'shambles' (* and when I say shambles I could just be over exaggerating but that's just how I feel at the moment) I know I'm not a big person on religion but I do believe in a God... and I feel like I'm being watched/followed and that he puts people around me and in my life to give me signs that everything is ok and to be happy because most days I feel like giving up and theres that one person that turns my day around or just comes into to crossfires and its a weird feeling and suddenly I feel content... THINGS THAT HAVE BEEN INSPIRING ME AS OF LATE:
(Please tell me that this is one of Lykke Li's most beautiful performance pieces ever!(to me at least) to her wardrobe to her makeup, her gestures even the band First Aid Kit as her backup singers with their stylishly modern 70s blunt long hair its just all so beautiful!

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