(photos: Equipment Fr)

Today was one of the rare occasions where I actually bought a magazine. I always told myself if I ever purchased a magazine again it would have to be Elle! Elle is one of those magazines that is always great to me journalistic, editorial,typography, and ad wise they just know how to put together a great magazine that I actually like. If you know me I used to have a huge magazine collection (Elle US, Elle UK, Paris Vogue, Vogue, Interview, etc...) dating back to 2005 until maybe about 2 years ago I took out the time to make inspiration notebooks out of all of them and now I have about 4 to 5 ring binders full of page protected magazine page inspiration! So when I had some extra time in whole foods I was flipping through the pages before work and seen this amazing ad (pictured above) with Jamie & Alison from The Kills and my eyes were automatically drawn to Alison in this emerald green floral button down with her electric dip dyed hair and I instantly fell in love and honestly I've never heard of [Equipment] before and I was amazed! I love all of there stuff but the price tag is a little steep but from what I see they look like their pretty good quality?! The Printed ones are fabulous check out their site [Equipment]

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