I rarely go to the movies (which is kind of Absurd for someone who loves film) but any chance to go see a Quentin Tarantino movie I'm all in! My thoughts on the film are and if you had to ask me one thing about 'Django is that I thought it was hilarious! I honestly don't see what the big problem is with the film but we all have our issues with films that are dealt with American history or history in general people are going to have a problem with it positive or negative. But back to the film I wouldn't say it was Quentin's best film (pulp fiction is the best film in my opinion).

Can we talk? The whole time while I was watching the movie I was wondering what is Quentin's niche? To me it would be his film cuts like for example just to use another amazing director, Wes Anderson he uses alot of symmetry in his films and specific color palettes/filters in his film. But Quentin I can't put my finger on anything else beside his cuts in his films and thats what makes him my hero. He's the one who really made me fall in love with film. There was a lot of blood in this film but not as much as Inglorious Bastards. I honestly thought that Kerry Washington would have a bigger role I had no idea she'd play a supporting role or what felt like a supporting role...I just really wish she had more dialogue than just screaming and a german dialogue with Christopher Waltz' character. Everyone was great in the film I think Jamie Fox and Christopher Waltz, and Leonardo Di'Caprio (which was horribly snubbed for an award) deserve awards for this amazing film! I'm sad that Kerry didnt have a bigger role!

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