Hello Hello I know its been a while but I know you guys are sick of hearing the same ole bull shit and I wont bore you with it...honestly I've become tired of myself, I lost myself I lost my creativity juices...well at least a way to express them...so I'm hoarding them all away in my moleskine notebooks in hopes that they'd be of some use later in my life but anyways lets catch up on what's been going on with me (as if anyone reads this 'blog' ha!) I'm still working at Starbucks in the airport which is getting tiresome but I'm grateful to even have a job but when its time to move on its time! As of late I've caught an awful stomach virus but I'm fighting to get over that! I'm so so so in love with my iPad I never get on my macbook anymore (which I'm blogging from now) but if you do have an iPad it sucks for blogging (well for me)...not having a internal hard drive to upload pictures or view flash on the iPad is really difficult for a blogger...but I wont get too technical I miss my macbook but when it gets to the point where you have no more space to even save a picture or one song on it anymore its time to re-up on a new one or either get an external hardrive! But anyways for the last couple of months I've been lost on what I want to do in my life...but I think I've finally figured it out...I wont say exactly what until I'm certain but it deals with a new scenery wink wink I just hope everything works out! Because I'm tired of the fear of not knowing! Okay! On to the good stuff what has been inspiring me lately!! Lana Del Rey (her hair & makeup is gorgeous in these videos I am inlove with her modern retro take on her style/look )
Lianna La Havas - this video is just magical her voice that guitar
I know how I've said this before on this blog being a woman is a beautiful thing! We can transform and change into anything we want to be. We're endlessly transforming ourselves and not to say men cant do this as well, its honestly beautiful and its something I've been trying to channel for a long time and not to say that I don't feel like a woman but I'm just saying that I wish I embraced it to its full potential! So I'm getting into shape and eating right! I'm 21 for god sakes I shouldnt be watching my life pass me by and not embracing who I am I can thank Kelly Cutrone and her amazing books for setting me on the right track!
Being a huge Jil Sander fan I was completely shocked when I heard that Raf Simons was exiting the Sander house...He was perfect there but as life goes on nothing lasts forever and the video from Style.com wrapped it up amazingly. His last collection for the brand remained romantic, it was beautiful!

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