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When I found out the morning of Amy's passing I thought it was some sick joke someone started on twitter as I recalled some years ago when Amy was first going through her drug addiction that there was a whole website dedicated with a countdown for Amy's death...So I questioned every single person who allegedly knew that it was in fact true my hands began to shake and I couldnt sit still this woman was more than an musician to me she was one of my heros and drugs aside, rumors aside, facts aside she was a beautiful human being and I was a true fan. I love her so much. I even remember the first time I heard her song 'Rehab' I was on Myspace and I remember listening to it and thinking is this Lauryn Hill? Because her voice was so differnt I thought to myself this girl has to be black because her voice was so soulful so when I seen that she was a British jewish girl from North London I was quite surprised I fell inlove with her instantly...I remember when I was in highschool I was going through a breakup with my boyfriend and her album Back To Black got me through my pain its like I connected to her pain her songs were so haunting and so true that you wanted to cry with her. I knew every live performance, I knew every dance, I knew her scats, I loved Amy Winehouse every part of her I didnt judge her for a moment and even though her battle with addiction... my heart broke holding my breath that I would never have to hear the news that Amy overdosed on cocaine or some other drug....but I've always learned that you can never save someone that doesnt want to be saved and sometimes things play out the way they do for a reason...I would always pray for Amy to be better as a person not for her to push out another great album but for her health I wanted her to be healthy but July 23rd 2010 was one of the worst days of my life...I didnt personally know Amy but I felt like I lost a friend her music will forever live on I will never forget her

P.S I was going to make a video but I knew I would end up crying through out the whole thing ang I didn't want to see that and I know you guys didnt want to see that so I just decided to write it out seeing Amy's last performance on stage at Belgrade you could tell that her own songs were killing her she had, had enough...singing those songs ('Some Unholy War') after all those years her songs haunted her she had given up. I could see it it just really sucks because she was one of the rare ones

click to see some of my favorite live performances of hers


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