We all that time in our life where we go through an awkward phase, teen angst phase, "no-one understands me" phase, and the most popular in my case not being happy with you are and just accepting who you are and loving yourself! and until this day I can admit to myself that I'm happy in the skin I'm in and I'm so shocked for once in my life that I'm not constantly thinking about losing weight or being skinny enough to do something that involves me loving myself or try to be more outgoing....and still some days I catch myself and think is this real? I'm loving the way I look I'm finally content on how I feel about myself but Its real and maybe its just me growing up/ or maturing but you know If you have problems about your body/weight you just have to love who you are and its better said that done but you have to come to a realization that if you stress about being skinny you'll just gain more weight and be even more depressed that what you are. Better than that go through life just living and if you happen to lose a couple of pounds along the way then thats fine too! But just be happy, take it off your mind...but thats just me you guys its a random weird realization that I think we all get in a certain time in life and I think it was just my time but I couldn't do it alone I've had some amazing inspiring women for aspiration...

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