Over the last couple of weeks...does it seem that I start all my posts off with "so over the last couple of blah blah"...please forgive me but when I blog now adays it seems like I blog less and less so sorry if I shove all my ideas/thoughts/finds in your brain try to look at it as a creative vent! lol but anyways It's OCTOBER! My favorite month out of the year! and not because its my birthday or anything but I feel like October is my lucky month...the weather is beautiful the leaves are just turning color it gets a little chilly and love is in the air and plus not to mention one of the biggest attractions in Texas in October is the State Fair! Call it a southern thing but I get overly excited for the state fair and this year I make it my mission to go again! Ok back on the subject I've been obsessing over new music new shapes new ideas and heres the rundown!

I'm inlove with these Givenchy blazer vests Ricardo shown at his most recent show the enlongated lapels with a boxy frame and to add a little more movement to the garment theres a tail in the back! genius! Ever since I seen these I've been picturing them in an army green shade which reminded me of an Alexander Wang option that sort of gave the same look and feel.
my Tom Ford esqe glasses & Sunglasses

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