I've been in la la lately and its kind of driving me insane I've been writing alot lately (fashion films) and I have to remind myself that I need to live in reality and bring myself back to some normalcy because I'll get so wrapped up in an idea that I don't do anything else and that can be bittersweet. Any inspiration that I get I have to write it down because if not I'll beat myself up about it later on down the road. I've been loving Stella McCartney as of late its really weird because a couple of years ago I used to love watching fashion shows and would be more then amped up for fashion week but for the last couple of years I don't really care about fashion week in a sense of wanting to see every show and flipping through every look...I used to be so obsessed but now a days I just look online at editorials or if I see a show on someone elses site or blog then I'll check out a collection. I havent really viewed any of Stellas shows ever since that beautiful Spring 2011 collection with the fruit print top and skirts but the amazing thing is when I see celebrities wear her clothes I automatically know its her work and thats what I find so amazing! Like if you have a good eye you can spot a McCartney blazer or a suit its just the cut and the silhouette of it its her signature and thats why shes one of my designer crushes!

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