"Director Sebastian Gutierrez returns with a black and white trip into 1958 Los Angeles, where a private detective seeks refuge in a hotel while bad men with guns come to get him" -Film School Regects
This is what I love about film everything doesnt have to be so serious all the time when there's good directing and a well written script there can be magic! Hotel Noir by Sebastian Gutierrez. I just found out about this film today and decided to share it with you guys! I hope I'm not the only one thats heard of this? The cast is great as well (Carla Gugino,Danny DeVito,Rufus Sewell,Malin Akerman,Robert Forster,Rosario Dawson,Kevin Connolly,Mandy Moore,Cameron Richardson and, Michael B. Jordan) I'm so excited to see this! Can you guys tell I'm a sucker for witty dialogue and femme fetales by now? find out more about the film here

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