You guys I rarely go to the movies but if its a director or writer thats producing a film that I'm a fan of then I'm all in! I seen this film today and I was infatuated, I was trying to hold back putting my hands on my chin and staring at the screen trying to avoid looking like a fool in the theatre. But from the beginning to the end I was in love with the play on color schemes through out the film, the wardrobe for each character even down to the decor of the homes in every scene and due to the fact that it was based in the 60's (1965) made it even better! Wes Anderson is a genius to his consistent signature scene set ups (no matter what era!) or gestures in the film that if you've seen any of his films or really paid attention to the cinematography and direction in them you could compare the similarities through out his work. I think Wes and everyone who've worked on this film just did an amazing job, Ryan Coppola on writing this with Wes was just amazing! The back in forth banter, the underplayed 'slap-stick' comedy of it all was just a humor that only a few could enjoy.
But the real stars of the film two young actors/star crossed lovers in the film Kara Hayward (Suzy) and Jared Gilman (Sam) *which reminds me alot of Teddy Duchamp in Stand By Me
were just cute to watch while watching the film you almost forget that they're kids! The Scouts which was one of my favorites in the film reminded me of the 3 stooges which in a way I mean the back in fourth dialogue & tongue-in-cheek conversations that they would have with the main character as well along with themselves. I overall loved the film I love films that I can actually artistically enjoy I paid attention to every detail.
The only 'bad' thing I can say about this film that really freaked me out and I may be the only one that agrees to this but if you've ever seen the 70s horror film 'Suspria' the music that was played throughout the whole entire film sounded very similar to a song that played in this film ('The Heroic Weather-Conditions of the Universe Parts 4-6: Thunder, Lightning, and Rain' by Alexandre Desplat) and I rarely get scared watching horror films but this vintage classic really freaked me out. See the trailer below and also check out the film if you're a 60s/70s horror fan like me!

I would like to dedicate this post to one of my friends Chris over at Castle in The Snow for inspiring me!
(all photos from Facebook)

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