I love it when designers and makeup artists come together and really throw a fantasy element into these collections. Leave it up to some of my favorite designers in likes of Vivienne, Meadham Kirchhoff, Christian Dior (past seasons) to really amp it up when it comes to makeup looks! This season for VW Red Label Val Garland did the makeup for the show and I have to say that Val is a genius she's so inspiring and her artistry levels are incomprehensible. I always think to myself how does she come up with this type of stuff? For some people these might come off a bit clownish but to me this is beautiful! (hence the name of my blog beauty of the unusual) and this is pretty UNUSUAL! it reminded me a lot of Andy Warhol's work or a hybrid mix of a aging Egyptian 50's house wife on acid! P.S Not to mention the penis pins! ha!


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