When people ask me what are my favorite films its hard for me to relate with other people I like watching vintage films from the 40s-70s era are my favorite to watch specifically the 60s! I love a random story line infused with 60s style. Its where I draw most of my inspiration from. I think that Netflix is one of the greatest dvd rental sites to order old films so I'm always glued to finding 'new' movies to fall in love with. I rented this week 'What A Way To Go' staring some pretty major actors/actresses main star being Shirley MacLaine, Dick Van Dyke, Paul Newman, Robert Mitchum and Gene Kelly. Visually its a beautiful film with a good story line I wont bore you into the whole film you can see the trailer on youtube
A frazzled widow tells her psychiatrist the unbelievable circumstances that made her a multimillionaire in this star-studded comedy. In a series of flashbacks, Louisa (Shirley MacLaine) recalls her four very different husbands (Dick Van Dyke, Paul Newman, Robert Mitchum and Gene Kelly) -- all of whom she married for companionship, and all of whom died rich, but prematurely, from ironically bizarre circumstances. Dean Martin also stars.(from Netflix)
THE PERFECT COLOR STORY (photos:screen captured by me) (photos:screen captured by me)

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