(photos: screen captures by me)
Whilst watching one of my ultimate favorite films today I was inspired by this look Audreys character wore in this scene its an variation of traditional white button down with a bib like detail often worn w/men tuxedos (I have no earthly idea what the correct term for this type of shirt) but its just the fact that the shirt is so minimal to what shes actually wearing in this scene that, that what makes it so stylish. I think that a white button down should be a staple in everyones wardrobe weither you are a man or woman young or old I think its necessary for anyones wardrobe! I've always loved the variation of the white button down over the years like a couple of seasons ago (Spring 2011) Viktor & Rolf did a complete collection inspired by them

(photos: screen captures by me)

(photos:the fashion spot)

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